We chart the current online marketing situation, with options for optimisation and/or expansion of the online marketing channels.

Online Marketing Audit

Thus our entire process begins with an online marketing audit. It clarifies your current online presence and which opportunities you have.

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Online Marketing Monitoring

Listening doesn't stop once we've conducted a one-off audit. We continue to monitor. Armed with this information, we tackle matters in an intelligent fashion.

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Once we know where we stand, the goals and strategy can be formulated. Where do we want to go and how are we going to get there?

Online Marketing Strategy

We develop Online Marketing strategies that outline what we aim to achieve in the years ahead and how we aim to achieve this.

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After listening and thinking it is time for the most visible step: formulating an implementation plan which includes all the actions of which the ROI has been calculated.


Online Marketing isn't magic, but it is hard work. We'll help you execute your plan of action.

  • Community Management
  • Design & Development
  • Coaching
  • Social Advertising

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Reporting & Follow Up

What does all of this achieve? We develop systems for continuous evaluation that allow us to adjust course, if required.

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