After listening and thinking it is time for the most visible step: formulating an implementation plan which includes all the actions of which the ROI has been calculated.

We translate the strategy into a concrete plan.

The implementation plan is the translation of the online marketing strategy into a concrete and complete implementation plan, with activities, timing, budgets, and ROI calculation. In this, of course we take the internal structure and the available means into account.

In our three-step implementation plan we record all concrete affairs regarding online marketing:

1. Actions

Which actions need to be taken, for whom, through which channels, and where do the priorities lie? We will coordinate the priorities with you.

2. Planning, milestones, and budgets

What exactly are we going to do when, and with what budget? If certain activities can be addressed internally we will mutually decide who will be doing what.

3. ROI Calculation

Which price tag comes with the effort that must be done, and what do you get out of it? In short, what is the ROI of the activities?

Let’s do this!

The large benefit of an implementation plan is that everyone knows what he or she must do, and what the expectations are. The rolls are divided, the finish flag has been set out. We can grasp back to these agreements at any given time. What’s left now is the effective execution of all the plans.

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