In its quest for new interactive forms of advertising, the broadcasting company SBS created several second-screen apps as add-ons to its television programmes. Belgian cable broadband provider Telenet came on board when it acquired the application linked to the TV programme De Slimste Mens ter Wereld 'The Smartest Person in the World' and renamed the app De Snelste Quiz Ter Wereld 'The Fastest Quiz in the World' as a side reference to its Fibernet internet subscription package. During the commercial breaks, viewers could take part in a quiz – questions appeared on the television screen and answers could be submitted via their smartphone or tablet.


Telenet hired Talking Heads to help with this social media project. Telenet and Belgian television channel Vier 'pushed' the app to consumers via Facebook and Twitter. Social media needs go further than just 'pushing', which is why content and support plans are indispensable for proper social media deployment.


Talking Heads developed a well-thought-out content plan combined with a comprehensive support plan to ensure that queries and complaints were answered and handled quickly and accurately.
During the first two weeks of De Snelste Quiz Ter Wereld, Talking Heads took on monitoring and community management on behalf of Telenet. All queries and complaints about the app were handled by our community managers between the hours of 8 p.m. and 10.30 p.m. while De Snelste Quiz Ter Wereld was being played.


Each day, Talking Heads submitted an evaluation report to Telenet accompanied on Fridays by a weekly report that documented and analysed every tweet and comment. The content and support plans were fine-tuned in response to the analyses' outcome and solutions were found for the problems reported about the app.

Final results

Thorough preparation and full evaluation ensured that community management was incrementally improved every day, which was of benefit to consumers. Telenet can look back with satisfaction at the way De Snelste Quiz Ter Wereld was managed. This opened the door for Talking Heads to further develop Telenet's other social media programmes.

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